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"Buzzword Bingo, also known as Bullshit Bingo, is a Bingo-style game where participants prepare bingo cards with buzzwords and tick them off when they are uttered during an event, such as a meeting or speech." []

Android App for Smartphones and Tablets

Buzzword Bingo is now also available for all Android-powered devices. Features are:
  • Create your own sheets and share them in the Buzzword Bingo community
  • Several different sheets pre-installed, more cards may be downloaded for free
  • Sheets support different sizes (2x2, 2x3, 3x2, ... , 9x9)
  • Sheets support different languages and categories
  • Multiplayer games (using Bluetooth)
  • Get instantly notified once an other player checked a field
  • Sheets in multiplayer games are automatically distributed
  • No disturbing sounds, only phone vibration is used


26. Sept. 2012    [Application] Release 1.6 published (see ChangeLog)
[Homepage] You may now search for individual keywords
20. Apr. 2012    [Homepage] Swedish sheets are now supported. Všlkommen !
[Homepage] Choose your own personal key for modifying/deleting your sheet
[Homepage] Sheet contents are partially displayed in the sheet browser
01. Apr. 2012    [Application] Release 1.5 published (see ChangeLog)
01. Feb. 2012    [Application] Bug-fix Release 1.4.1 published (see ChangeLog)
03. Jan. 2012    [Application] Release 1.4 published (see ChangeLog)
27. Oct. 2011    [Application] French is now also supported !
10. Oct. 2011    [Application] Buzzword Bingo can now be liked.
You may now also write a comment about i) the app, ii) a sheet, or iii) if you made a BINGO! from within the app. We respect your privacy and do not even read your facebook profile, the app is just writing to your wall, cause we respect your privacy. [ read more ]
03. Oct. 2011    [Homepage] Buzzword Bingo can now be liked.
A special Like-button for Facebook has been added. BUT, you will not be tracked (only if you click on it), cause we respect your privacy. [ read more ]
26. Sept. 2011    [Homepage] Added 'ChangeLog' section
[Application] Release 1.2.1 published (see ChangeLog)
24. Sept. 2011    [Homepage] Added 'News' section


If you have any questions, found any bugs or if you want to help translate, just click [ here ].