Kilton Sami bingo

Bingo birthday, by


Quotes 2 vines in a row

Screams After tripping

Who the fuck is this

Spills drink

Boops a snoot

Calls a cat a trash animal

Complains about ac noise

Wierd accent

References her butt

Says something in unison with Rayna

Finishes a vine Rayna starts

Tells some one to shut up

Laghs well trying to take a shot

Starts a fight about a definition

Couch flops

Laughs at a joke that everyone already laughed at 45 seconds prior

Sami regrets Sami bingo

Points out new shoes


Talks about the girls she met today

Voltron clance rant

Unintentionally ocward comment

Realizes later about unintentionally ocward comment

Talks about blue paw

Asks if she wants Mac and cheese