Habits, by


Marie wears something yellow

Kristian comes to after work drinks

Gil has an iced coffee breakfast shake

Clare reheats her food

Pete throws chocolate out

Hayley talks to em about online shopping

Shelley complains about work

Tess puts her mug in the cutlery space

Scully whistles out of tune

Em gets a delivery from the iconic

Seb posts on random

Fiona is weirdly vague about her work

Carries names and shames for time entry

Charlie throws a ball

Rita leaves her chair in the walkway

Geoffrey says "hi guys"

Cass laughs at something that isnt funny

Sarah talks about tea

Lauren had capacity

Suz wears animal print

Lindy touches her neck during a WIP

Frazer adjusts his tie

Ness says "shivers"

John says "what a treat"

Brad opens a pepsi