Jasper BINGO

Jasperisms, by PG


"I'm on your team."

"by the end of the day"

"I'll have to get back to you."

"Got it."


"manage expectations"

"all hands on deck"

"I'll have to clear that with Rich"

"That's fair."

"Let me ask Sumeet."

Confidently declares an impossible complete date

Changes a deadline by increments

Misses a deadline with no acknowledgement

Blames CIS for delays

Nervous laughter

Says the wrong date for a deadline


"I've done this plenty of times before."

"We've never seen this before."

Fails to enter a requested update on the status report

Contradicts herself

"You put in a ticket"

Extremely loud background noise

Disavows responsibility for something in the contract

"by the end of the week"