Paradox 2019

Paradox cliché, by Judicator IV


Speaker says “I love Montreal”

Speaker talks about Montreal Canadiens

Speaker once had a speech impediment

We compliment/applaud the translator after he made a mistake

Joon talks about predestination

They mess up the slides during worship

Speaker talks about poutine

Mentions height

Mentions age

Has illustration with water/liquid

Fist bump on stage

Speaker talks about how hot/amazing their spouse is

Speaker tells the story of how they met their spouse

Speaker uses an acronym or a number of words starting with the same letters (4M)

Speaker mentions the size of his church/youth group with numbers

Speakers message uses 3 points aka the “holy trinity”

Let’s try that again (during greeting when that congregation doesn’t respond)

Uses The Message “translation”

Uses KJV Translation

Uses an unknown translation (Excludes : KJV, NKJV, NIV, ESV, Message, NLT)