Baby shower Bingo

Bingo game for Ahilya's baby shower!, by Drew Hickcox


So what's the name going to be?

Wow, Ahilya is really showing now!

When's the due date?

(While eating) A few more of these and I will look just like her!

You look so pregnant!

How do you say the name again?

Takes bets on birth date

It's fine, you're eating for two

When I was pregnant...

I am NOT ready to be pregnant

Do you miss (food/drink)?

Calling Anu "Grandma"

Calling Sanjeev "Grandpa"

Someone refers to pregnancy brain

Refers to peeing constantly

Someone puts their hand on Ahilya's belly without asking

References sleepless parents

You look ready to pop!

To Drew: You're drinking for three now

References parents' height differ nce

Asking how big someone was at birth

Can't believe you're moving to Minnesota!

Someone tries to do a Minnesotan accent

Jokes about moving to a colder place

Someone leans over and talks to the baby