UBONGO (test)

What is Pod, by gybones


RMC Word Flub

MomBrain Burps

Cat Butt Sighting

Nicky Hill Doesn't Listen

MomBrain Leaves the Table

RMC Sings

Nintendo is Doomed Story

Uncontrollable Laughter

A Camera Falls Over

The Stream Messes Up

Nintendaan Mention

Deux is on the Pod

RMC hadn't Played Any Games the Past Week

10/10 Music Score

A Top Comment is Too Long

Nicky Hill Complains

Pizza Hut Talk

Volume Level Gets Blown Out

This is the Last Podcast

Simpson's Quote

Ghost Chair Sighting

Sexual Innuendo

Swear Word Oopsie

Someone is Pertrubed By the Idea of Kids


By and Large is Said

MomBrain Didn't Play Anything This Week

Josh Grobot is Nice

RMC Solo Show

Pod is Over 2 hrs

"The Duck Has Spoken" Comment on Story

It's an Odd Numbered Podcast

1/10 Music Score

Cat Gets Called an Asshole

The Crew is Stumped by a Music Submission

MomBrain doesn't know what Licensed Means