barista bingo

when you hear it..., by heatherduch


Point and face "just a coffee"

Odd ordering place

Unhappy with roast

Odd order


Ask for something weve been out of

How late are you open?

Do you have soy?

Do you have almond milk

Ask for coffee when it's out on counter

Unfunny joke

Two/three tea bags

"When are we getting _____"?

"Working alone today?" When other is in bathroom

Extra hot


Ask coffee question

Coconut creamer

Asking the obvious

Chocolate in non mocha drink

Pour over at bad time

Mocha latte

Can you take my dirty dish?

Watching intensely as you work

4th-5th drink in one day


On phone when ordering

New creation

Isn't listening for drink when it's called

Tries to take someone else's drink

Comes in at 4

Big group of ppl talking loudly

Orders 3 or more drinks at a time

Standing in line but not wanting a drink

Mean mugging while ordering

Asking to spike their drink