Megan bingo

A bingo chart of all the meganimsms, by


Says she's pregnant

Trips or looses balance

Praises Michael farr

Talks about her son

Talks about being pregnant with Josh

Says Ben did something wrong

"You're gonna make me cry"

Says she's hormonal or moody

Sits in the back for a prolonged period of time (>10 min)

Talks about working at dedricks

Talks about working at the district

Talks about anime

Talks about Mexican heritage

Talks about something Ben did with her or family

Talks about 90s music or how music today sucks

Leans on something

Talks to a coworker or you about store performance

Makes a bad joke

Groans because of the baby

Groans not because of the baby

Asks to go home early

Uses pregnancy as an excuse not to do something

Gets jinbei

Talks about Japanese stuff

Anytime she goes to the bathroom for non bathroom related things