Family, by


1.Lona says ummmm

2.Dad tells you something 3 different times

3.Jesse talks about wakaya

4.Piper poops inside house

5.Piper pees inside house

6.Dad talks about movie John Carver

7.Mom makes breakfast for all the g-kids

8.Mom complains about dad

9.Mom talks about Lacey+boyfriend

10.Someone's weight is mentioned

11.Lona makes a joke

12.Dad talks about driving for work

13.Dad mentions thermometer outside

14.Jesse talk someone lives him/his kid

15.Jesse blames lona for something

16.Jesse gets mad at lona

17.Lona says "Well"

18.Joy comes over

19.Dad mentions Eileen cookies

20.One of our kids cry

21.One of Jesse kids cry

22.Joe mentions ROSS

23.Mom sighs angrily

24.Jesse says"we gonna do this" 3x in 30min

25.Jesse talks about him knowing best