Boss Bingo, by


Donít spend more than a half hour on it

I know

You guys talking about lunch?

OK?! (fill an extra space for Raptor style)

As an engineer...


Zipper Merge

That's (not) how I do do Product/Project Mgmt

Snow Tires

Stop by my office

Come ask me

I'm a(n)_______ Expert

And stuff like that...

I know we already talked about this, but

This is the direction we're going!

UX/User Experience (only when used incorrectly)

I Agree (only when he has no idea what you're saying)

(Trolling through the office, hands behind back)

Didn't I tell you that?

That's what I do!

That's what I'm good at!

Nearly/In Tears

I don't disagree with you

(in frustration) Too Busy/No Time

Agile (only when used incorrectly)