Akward 1st date bingo

Kiras desperation is our amusement, by Melissa


Trip to the bathroom

"I forgot what you said you"

Akward attempt to include us

Checks social media

Forced laughter

Joke in poor taste

Avoiding eye contact

Flirts with wait staff

Blatant display of masculinity

Clumsy compliment

Over pronouces menu item

Caught looking at cleavage

Long awkward pause

Asks political questions

Voted for trump

Talks about ex

Takes photo

Akward hug

Inexusibly stupid

Neckbeard/Andrew Hamm facial hair

Self promotion

"I have to get up really early"

"I'm so glad you're not a..."

Thinly veiled sexual innuendo

Offensive cologne/perfume

Self deprecating joke

"The first thing you need to know"

Super cringy sexual tension

Kira refers to us as her parents

Crying One sided conversation