Traveling with the Blackmars!!!

Morocco Edition, by Mess


A spends too much on veg food

C late to board flight at duty store

Leave the house late

Flight delayed (again)

Anne equivocates on footwear

A complains about C drinking too much on flight

C hungover by arrival in Europe

Forgot something important

A panics in security line

A misses cats (already)

You're killing me (1)

You're killing me (2)

You're killing me (3)

Charlie ignores Anne's flight cuddles

C whines about flight logistics

C freaks out at hour 23

A yells at C for not yelling at him

A remembers the important forgotten thing

Charlie pee dance

C prevarication re: negroni

Experienced solo traveler would do this differently (C or A)

Fight about data use abroad

C buys stuff b/c A won't share

Calm the fuck down

C pees at wrong moment