R4 Bingo

KoA DWM r4 bingo, by Bama


Bama Is an asshole for no reason

Someone asks when we are doing portal

Someone attacks someone stupid

Someone picks a stupid spirit ceremony

Someone upgrades a stronghold over 25

Someone makes a perverted comment

Someone gets shutdown after perverted comment

Someone new joins alliance

Someone hurts feelings

Someone gets attacked

Bella calls someone "love"

Cael talks about food

Trooper refers to something music related

Shaz talks about being a fireman

Journey comes out of a bubble

Pdog talks with exclamation points

Ronny says or does something dumb

Pale gets online and talks

CNS attacks an innocent person

Adam does something obnoxiously self serving

Volt talks about peace

RoA member talks with a horn.

Cadoorna sends alliance mail or mod mail

Cadoorna spells bama with 2 ma's

Bama hurts someone's feelings