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We respect your Privacy !

Your data belongs to you. We do not collect any personal information, neither through the homepage nor the Android app. Nevertheless, there is some information we need to store for the sole purpose of delivering Buzzword Bingo to you.

In the following, we list the information that is stored on the phone (or tablet) and in our homepage's database:

Information stored on the Phone or Tablet

  • User name, general settings (such as if vibration shall be used) and game settings (such as if the card shall be shuffled) is locally stored in Shared Preferences, a special place accessible only by the application itself.
  • Downloaded cards are stored on the phone's SD card in raw text format, accessible by any other application
  • No usage statistics are collected, no data is sent to to the Internet (except download requests for further Bingo cards)

Information stored in our Database

We store information in two database tables: one table holds information about sheets and another counts hits on certain web pages.
  • Sheets: update key, language, category, author's name (if provided), number of rows, number of cols, sheet name, sheet description, sheet content, number of downloads.
  • Statistics: number of hits on index.php, sheet_browse.php, sheet_show.php, ...
  • No IP addresses or other information is collected or stored

The Facebook Like-Button

As any other web page, we also offer the possibility to Facebook-like Buzzword Bingo. But, in contrast to most other sites, we do not use the official Facebook script for this purpose, because Facebook collects a lot of information about visitors of any page containing a Like-button (whether they are Facebook members or not). Our script only transmits information to Facebook if you explicitly click on the button. Because of this, we conform to the german data protection act. More information (in german) can be found [ here ].

The Buzzword Bingo app also offers the possibility to connect to Facebook. Although the app gains access to your profile, the app does not read any data from facebook, but only creates posts on your wall. Nothing is sent to our Buzzword Bingo server, using Facebook is only a matter between you and Facebook.