Parents Bingo

Going out with parents, by


"Mommy and daddy love you"

The "Gravy" story

"Oranges make you loopy"


"You shouldn't work so hard!"

Tell me everything that is wrong!

You still got your voucher!

I promote you everywhere I go!

Druggy neighbours make life hell!

Same story twice in one night

"I'm being good"

"I'm allowed, it's X occasion"

Next time Lisa and Ty are in town...

You're famous in Gravesend

I worry about you!

I knew you'd want X food!

*Talking too loud*

Saying something racist

Saying something homophobic

Remember X person?

"...and Monique too!"

Retelling a story as if it's not been already told the last time we met up.

Drinking a whole bottle of wine

Not remembering something already told

Not tipping the waiter