Alec Bingo

Alec's Quirks, by The glorious one


Alec wears Alec shorts

Alec falls asleep while hanging out

Alec tries being macho

Alec mansplains

Alec explains his brain

Alec says fuck you guys

Alec has a gaming hat

Alec acts faithful

Alec eats something weird.

Alec likes being stupid

Alec doesnt get it

Alec covers his virtues

Alec pretends hard things are easy

Alec attempts something hopelessly atheletic

Alec alec mentions his other friend group

Alec just shows up

Alec asks everyone if they can hang out individually

Alec talks up something shitty

Alec disregards his personal safety

Alec spends the whole time on his phone

Alec suggests doing something boring

Alec gets pissed at arbitrary things

Alec says he doesnt have money

Alec needs help with his car

Alec makes something funny not funny