Giasson Family Get Together

Family stereotypea, by Susan


Charles Shirtless

Charles Southern Euphemism

Michelle Giving Take Home Food

Michelle Showing Pictures

Charles Showing Pictures

Michelle Baby Talk

Trishia Yelling

Dani Telling A Gross Work Anecdote

Becky Talking About Landos Sports Games

Tim Critiquing Landons Sports Technique

Manu Playing On His Phone

Manu Talks Voluntarily

James Sneaks A Vape

Tim Sneaks A Vape

Michael Sneaks A Vape

Someone Remarks The Absence Of A Family Member

"How Was Traffic?"

Someone Comments On The Weather

Dani Talks About Moving/Homestead

Dani Stereotypical Republican

James Stereotypical Republican

Charles Stereotypical Republican

James Talks About Moving/Homestead

Michael Doesnt Hear Something

Kathy Gives Sass