Dave Bingo

Dave Bingo, by Mark


Dave randomly disappears

Dave gets an autobiography from a random stranger

Dave has universal epiphany

Dave fights a bouncer

Dave fights a strangers battle for them

Dave gets messiah complex and wades in

Dave meets someone he knows through the family

Dave talks about drugs

Dave tells you he loves you

Dave has 15 min 1-2-1s under guise of having a smoke

Dave tells a story that ends in a totally different story

Dave gets paranoid and angry but then realises the importance of true friendship. Then teaches us about it

Dave says 'let me just say...'

Dave says 'fair'

Dave makes a random and obscure literary/music reference

Dave tells a story about a time he was really fucked up

Dave says 'my point is thus'

Dave charms a random aggressive stranger

Dave will come up with a completely unfeasible plan

Dave suggests an unfeasible distance to walk

Dave tells a random girl she's beautiful

Dave starts a story with ‘like err.....’

Dave disappears for a cigarette and betrothes a random

Dave is surprisingly hanging early....?

Dave puts his hands on a random stranger in a familiar way

Dave breaks something

Dave says 'ill do that thing after I have this drink/joint

Dave gives you a pep talk that is well meaning but unnecessary

Dave is unnecessarily contary

Dave takes you for a toke on the beach

Dave says 'seen'.

Dave gets a call from beth

Dave tells a story that includes 'YOU were there!'

Dave mumbles something unintelligible

Dave gives someone who is absent a compliment

Dave forgets an important detail