Ordinary work day

You don't need a fucking description, by


Sergeant Brunner repeats the last word someone else says

Sergeant Plante overreacts

Spend 3 hours doing nothing

Manage to take a nap

Phone dies without a portable charger

Suddenly need to set up system

Santos plays hot potato with the keys

Burress shows you a racist meme

Burress sends you a NSFW video

Dennis tells me something I already know

Someone calls me by my first name

Two people from another team use our truck's heater

Sergeant Monge says something slowly

Someone uses an acronym they don't know the meaning of

Fuentes complains

Something unimportant gets tasked out after 1500

Something suddenly breaks


Be sad about existence (Freespot)

Roman says something pompous

Go to lunch late

Go to lunch early

Someone says "Fuck you"

Someone says "Squared away"

Hardiman laughs at something that is hardly funny