Edmonds Radio Traffic Bingo

Edmonds radio traffic is terrible, by


Tow is on scene

Sam runs two or more people over the air

Dreyer puts himself out on breakfast


Aid is one scene


Machado whispers his transmission

Atleast two officers take the same call from someone else

Call code 1, clear it S sam

Mike Bard sounds like he is going to retire within the hour

Confusion when juvenile returns with no DOL record

Jail rejects their warrant subject for drug usage

Initiate social contact. " I'm clear, they don't want to talk to me."

Runs subject over the air, immediately follows with "Code 4," immediately returns with warrant.

Doug is out at Swedish.

Advise on scene for collision checking for injuries.

Interrupts SNOCOM when there trying to give another agency a return

Asks for a readback on a return already given

Air is closed for unit not responding to status check

"See if Lynnwood will meet for a warrant."

"Clllleeeeaaaaarrrrr....S sam."

"SNOCOM give us the air until we know what we're dealing with." Clear call S sam.

Somes asks 41 for permission to go to Lynnwood

Robinson jumps a call in MLT