Ruth Bingo

Help to survive, by Verity Joy


Hugs Ferdy

I just need you to do as I say!

Pivks at tiny detail on PE

Calls a colleague something mean!

Tells us one of our colleagues is failing!

States how good a colleague is

Blames a decision of hers on someone else

Wants to WP08 someone who is suffering bad times

Wants to PD Call someone who has not attended

Sticking on a clients side

Not providing the right information

Has a moment of bad mental health/paranoia

Tries to control our talking topics

Says she's got pressure on her

Suggests she is victimised

Asks about PD calls

Wants to safeguard someone in advance of appointments

Bullying a colleague

Bullying Dee

Making an unreasonable demand in travel or the like

Mentions her higher ups.

Shows inefficiency by not having done something vital

Making others responsible for her mistake

Double standards expected of us, some leave we need to leave on time

Focussing on a tiny issue and not surrendering the big picture