Happy Hour BINGO

Happy hour, by


Kristi tells Dan to stop talking over her

Kristi stop laugh

Dan fake confusion "what do u mean?"

Kristi puts words in Dan's mouth

Kristi professionally offended

Kristi-y do u always take Dan's side?

Kristi -i gotchu gurl

Dan overcomplicates a simple task

Kristi complains about Jason

Dan's says "shh" or "stop talking"

Michelle food grunt

Robbie catch phrase

Dan had more than 3 drinks

Kristi has more than 3 drinks

Dan incorporates a learning or teamwork exercise

Dan comes up with a new business idea

Kristi says "I love IPAs"

Kristi says something that shows her age

Kristi "stop being dramatic"

Dan avoids a question by saying uhhhhhh

Robbie knows 2 much about something

Dan makes a movie reference

Krist brings up Dan questioning her integrity

Dan makes a military reference

Michelle is too cold