Tim Bingo

Winner gets a prize , by 202crew


Sings hallelujah

Makes an unrealistic prediction about his future

Listens to something at max volume in front of you

Drinks more than a bottle by himself

Asks for a ride

Fails to read the room (you'll know)

Sings any Disney song

Fails to hit the high note

Brings doughnuts home from work

Orders Chinese food

Turns a conversation sexual

Talks about a superhero movie/ TV show

Wrecks the kitchen to make one meal

Talks about his sex life

Has a friend over

Talks on the phone with a friend using speaker

Tells you about a parody song he's working on

Falls asleep with his door open and lights on

Complains about a bill

Talks about a flash mob

Continues to talk to you when you're clearly not giving him the time of day

Complains about the world treating him unfairly

Wears cookie monster pajama bottoms

Ruins a good time

Compares himself to a fictional character