Pride Parade Bingo

Find all the queer sights at Pride! , by Bsully


x tape nipples

Boston gay

assless chaps

gape (flag cape)

dyke on bike

roller skates

feather boa

socks with sandals

otherwise casually dressed human with a tail

furry rainbow leg warmers


proud granny

rat tail


Mayor Alex Morse

queer family of at least 4!

cat or other exotic animal on leash

captain's hat

tiny dog dressed up

fanny pack

FloHo Community Band

catch beads or other merch (no flyers)

maybe doesn't know yet (such a strong Ally)


rainbow eyelashes

drag nun/ Our Lady of Perpetual Indulgence

magical queer unicorn (you'll just know)

fairy/angel wings

animal in a stroller

"Born This Way"

Mayor Narkowitz

stilt walker

mothers or lovers?

Josh & Suzy